The Beermoth – Truck in Highland.
Dit vind ik zo goed!
Een Vagebond Camper, stoer en uitermate charmant tegelijkertijd, krijg ter stond trek in een glas Whisky.
Ik wil daar zitten.

Roughly halfway between Inverness and Aberdeen, in the Scottish Highlands, lives the most charming house-truck-tent mashup we’ve ever seen. It’s called the Beermoth (or Beer Moth, depending on whom you ask), and it might be the perfect place to stay while visiting the prime Scotch country.

The truck itself is a Commer Q4, a military-looking rig sprung from lockup at the Manston Fire Museum and done up by the mononymous Walter to resemble something halfway between a military campaign tent and a roving Victorian hotel. The hearth is made out of slate salvaged from an old snooker table, for example—a detail that is almost too perfect to be true. Yet it is.

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