Nowhere Festival Spanje

5–10 July 2016

What is Nowhere?Bruce and Paula - mud

Described as a ‘festival’, an ‘arts event’ and ‘a Burning Man regional’, Nowhere is the culmination of the music, languages, art, outfits, workshops, words, parties and people of a diverse, international community.

Where is Nowhere?

Surrounded by rocky mountains in the scorched Spanish wilderness, the setting is stunning. Directions are sent out in the Survival Guide shortly before the event, but Getting there and theforums will help you arrange transport and organise rides.

Where is it?

Nowhere is in northern Spain, between Zaragoza and Lleida. The nearest villages are Castejón de Monegros (12km) andSariñena (19km), and from both directions the last 10km is on gravel roads.

GPS: 41°41’39” North 0°09’24” West

Address: Polígono 20 Parcela 169 M.U.P. H0331, JUBIERRE. CA  – for general info  – for information on tickets, prices etc

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