Cowboy Coffee Pot.

Cowboy Coffee Pot.

Wij gebruik op vakantie de Italiaanse percolator .
Gegarandeerd toffe koffie.
Maar ik vind deze cowboy uitvoering ook erg mooi.
te koop bij

2. Percolator

Another old method you might want to try to brew campfire coffee is the Percolator. The Percolator is much like the above method, with the difference of placing the coffee in an actual basket instead of just dumping the grounds in with the water. Once the water starts to boil it will rise up the small pipe, hit the percolator bulb then drip through the coffee in the basket. Allow the Percolator to brew for 5-7 minutes or longer, (The longer it percolates the stronger your coffee will be) then remove and enjoy. The advantage to using the Percolator to brew campfire coffee is that you don’t have to worry about the grounds and you also have less of a chance of burning the coffee….a little easier to clean up as well.