Whangapoua / Crosson Clarke Carnacha

An interview with Crosson Clarke Carnachan about their beach hut attached to sled rollers


Let’s all go to the seaside. Seriously. And we’ll stay in amazing huts like these and when the holiday’s over… we’ll just take them back with us! Hut on Sleds, by New Zealand architecture firm Crosson Clarke Carnachan, is currently quite far away from where we live but with a tractor attached it’s pretty portable, and when there’s a will there’s a way, right? Built for a stretch of New Zealand beach that’s subject to coastal erosion, one of the primary challenges of the project involved responding to the changing conditions of the location. So… they put it on a pair of giant sleds. Brilliant.

But that’s not the only thing that makes it so great. Building on a New Zealand tradition of beach huts (or “bachs”), the design maintains the small size, functionality, and simplicity expected of such a structure but ensures that it makes the absolute most of everything – no space goes overlooked, and wonderful fold-out elements transform the building from a closed wooden box into a luxuriously light-filled home that admits sand and ocean views alike. The design is extremely practical in terms of space; an unexpected mezzanine level, along with a sensibly laid-out ground floor and a roof terrace, ensures that the clients (a family of five) can live very comfortably within an area only 40 square metres.



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