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Retro-modern at heart, delivering affordable adventure and ground-breaking flexibility in an ultra-light package.


Our Adaptiv™ modular system is designed to allow you to easily configure the interior of the trailer on-the-fly and in a variety of ways, with several sleeping arrangements for up to five people, as well as many storage and countertop options. Consisting of modular components or cubes, the Adaptiv™ system is unique in its ability to easily and conveniently change a small space into whatever configuration you may need at the time, whether a standard camper that can comfortably sleep a family of four, complete with kitchenette, dining table, and storage, or just one big bed to jump around on! A mobile office, a sales space, or a completely empty “mini-toy hauler” capable of hauling larger gear — let your imagination run free with endless possibility. Many of our modular components perform double-duty as indoor-outdoor furniture. Take the cubes outside to use for sitting, storage or washing. The rugged materials will stand up to the elements and provide the ultimate in camping convenience.



The modular floor of the HC1 is made of 1.5″ thick honeycomb fiberglass. It’s super strong yet incredibly light. Grooves are embedded in the floor to hold the Adaptiv™ cube components in place — just like Lego®. The floor panels have additional embedded features like table bases, frame-mounted D-Ring tie-downs, and a front drain to easily hose down the floor for quick and convenient cleanups.



Our Adaptiv™ cube components are made from highly-durable and weather-resistant molded plastic. Designed to securely snap together, the cubes are light-weight yet rugged, and are easily cleaned. Optional locking hardware is available to secure the boxes to the fiberglass walls for partially fixed layouts. Our wood components, table-tops, counter-tops, lids, and doors, are precision crafted using “Lite-Ply®,” a specialized material which is 55% lighter than regular plywood yet just as strong. Table legs easily snap into the floor and are uniquely placed for maximum convenience. Premium cushions and carpeted floor panels share a molded base for snapping onto the floor or on top of bench cubes for additional comfort and style.


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  • Surrounding cushions
  • Bench cube
  • Countertop cube
  • Form-fitting cushion
  • Nesting table top
  • Floor panels
  • Standard 20″ x 20″ cushion
  • 20″ x 60″ tri-fold flat cushion
  • Wooden countertop cube
  • Patio table base
  • Countertop flip-n-lock 13″ x 20″ extension
  • Wooden top lid
  • Cooler ice box cube
  • Kitchenette cube w/sink, electric pump
  • Toilet cover component
  • Deluxe kitchen w/ pull-out fridge, stove & sink
  • Side wall and cube locking hardware
  • Deluxe countertop serving bar
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