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Ibiza 2CV Car Rent

Riding in a 2CV gives you an experience you will never forget. The combination of our love for the island and our love for the 2CV gave us an idea. Nobody on the island had yet provided visitors with the possibility of hiring 2CV’s, which gave us the idea to rent out this extraordinary car. Ducks United has been established since 2009. Right from the start the success has been overwhelming.

Ibiza is known for its hippy vibe and driving in your 2CV, great music in the background whilst exploring the island will be a memory you will long treasure.

Renting this amazing car means exploring the island by the ‘duck way’. What’s more, our car rental company offers you way more than just a car hire. It comes complete with the duck lifestyle. All cars are fitted with mp3/ ipod connections and a ‘ducks map’. This gives you the inside information on all the best restaurants and beaches in Ibiza. We will of course keep you in “ the know” about all the talked about hotspots of the moment!

The Ducks United experience!

Ducks United started as a 2CV-rental company on Ibiza with a lifestyle! Born from passion that has grown into an enormous 2CV-collection and later on into a collection of classic Defenders. In the past few years a considerable expansion took place; renting 2CV’s and Defenders is not the only thing we do anymore, we also have been organizing a significant number of customized small and large events in the past seasons. Exploring Ibiza with open roof enjoying a lovely island breeze through your hair and a nice tune that makes you swing!

Ibiza is known for its parties. But we show our guests a different side of the island. In an authentic way we provide a ludic rally, a culinary tour, the ultimate Ibiza experience, all with different challenges; all to explore the rough North of Ibiza, as a safari or with a tour guide. We also organize lunches, dinners, wine tastings and get-togethers!

We know the good things in life and Ibiza, exploring good food, amazing hotels and most of all magic spots that will exceed all your expectations.

Garage for Citroen 2CV / Dyane, Renault 4, Land Rover Defender

Because of our lifelong experience with the mechanics and bodywork of both our rental 2CV’s and Defenders, and our own cars among which various A-type models, Renault 4’s, Defenders, Land Cruisers and many more, we have become experienced experts in these cars. There is no single default or problem we haven’t coped with. That’s why we contract each assignment with a realistic view on all the costs. We compile an adapted and specific quotation for you.

You can trust us with your beloved classic car for periodic maintenance, specific reparations or even partial and complete restorations regarding your budget. Furthermore, we offer and fit new or used tires, and are ready to assist you with the periodical technical examination.

Feel welcome for a quick checkup or an obligation-free quote. If you make an appointment through WhatsApp or by telephone on the number +34 (0) 619 25 11 06, we’ll be at your service even quicker. We strive to send you a personalized quote on the same day.

New build Mehari and 2CV

A completely new classic car? Ducks United can do it! We are building new Méharis and 2CV’s and all options are possible. Starting with nothing but brand new parts, we can build your dream car.

Thanks to our strong knowledge and passion, and to our lifelong experience, we know perfectly well what’s needed to create a masterpiece for you, with original and qualitative parts.

Cars for sale

We strive to have several cars for sale at any time, at several price levels and at choice to everyone’s budget. Feel free to stop by and give them a try, you will be convinced sooner than you can imagine!

Our cars are sold with full maintenance, technical examination certificate and customized guarantee.

Car import to Spain

Did you move to Ibiza and want to take your classic car with you? Did you buy a classic car abroad and want to get it on Spanish license plates? No problem, we can help you to import your car into Spain. Furthermore, if you want to import it as a ‘historical’ car, you are on the right address as well. You can always contact us for more information on this matter.

Electric 2CV

Soon we will have the first electrical powered 2CV on Ibiza! At the moment, the project is still in a test phase, but shortly an electric 2CV will be available to you. Exclusively at Ducks United


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