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Welcome to Fabrika Hostel in Tbilisi, once a soviet sewing factory, that has been revived and transformed into a multi-functional urban space bringing together enthusiastic individuals ready to stretch their minds with new exhilarating experiences.

Lost and forgotten in the historical part of Tbilisi, 8 E. Ninoshvili street, the former soviet sewing factory “Nino” is now the urban hotspot, for locals and travelers alike. With its striking “old-meets-new” attitude, the place oozes genuinely cool soviet vibes blended with funky industrial elements.

We are delighted your wandering feet brought you here. Being adventurers and explorers at heart, we are here to connect you with the local scene, making your stay as authentic and memorable as possible. So, speak your mind, let us know what you want to get into: be it crazy mountain adventures, secret hidden gems of Tbilisi, gastronomy delights, rubbing elbows with the locals, art, culture, buzzing nightlife, you name it – we will help you travel differently and discover the city in colorful new ways. The feeling we want you to have after leaving is “OMG that was the best travel experience I’ve ever had”. Yes, we are that ambitious.

We are all about getting social and love connecting people. Whether you want to get down and dirty with funky creative crowd, have a more sophisticated outing to discuss latest trends in modern art, or just have a chill-out session, we are here to get the chatter going. Just come as you are and allow yourself to be immersed in the fiercely alive community.  Text : Fabrika


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