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the beach

Kolibithra bay is on the north shore of the island of Tinos, facing the north Aegean sea, home of the infamous local “meltemi”, a strong north wind that blows mainly during the summer months. When the meltemi wind blows at a speed of more than 6 on the Beaufort scale – which sometimes can be for most of July and August – then a great left wave (and sometimes a smaller right) can be ridden at Kolibithra. One of the great things about surfing at Kolibithra is the ease of access to the line up (via a natural current that takes you there in a minute), the lack of any danger (no sharks, sandy bottom), and the proximity to cheap accomodation and great food, found just on the other side of the bay. All the above make it for a great spot not just for seasoned surfers, but beginners alike.


the island

Tinos is one of the sacred places of the Christian Orthodox world, thanks to the church of the Virgin Mary at the main town (called Tinos or Chora). Religious tourism kept party and holiday crowds away from the island for years, and it wasn’t before the last decade that people started discovering and appreciating the island’s unique charisma: countless traditional villages, diversity of landscape, untouched folklore, amazing beaches, unforgettable food and a proximity to both Athens and other nearby Cycladic islands. All these elements gave Tinos a reputation for being an eclectic holiday place away from tourist hords, and its great surfing potential surely gives it extra credit!

On the map above, you can get a quick idea on some main spots on the island. Kolibithra bay (actually two bays, one called “Big Kolibithra” – base of our surf club – the other “Small Kolibithra”) is found on the north shore of the island. Livada bay, just a few kilometers more east, is also a surfing spot that works with a northern swell, although it can be fairly dangerous for beginners due to strong currents and a partly rocky bottom. There are other surfable spots around the island’s coast that work with south swells, like Ayios Fokas or Kionia, minutes away from the port – and a number of other small bays, along the southern coast, like Ayios Romanos or Ormos Yiannaki, plus some more that noone has discovered yet!

Tinos Surf Lessons beach bar is located 15 km away from Tinos main town, at Kolympithra beach. Kolymbithra is definitely the best beach in Tinos and Tinos Surf Lessons beach bar makes it even more special. A small yellow camper van converted into a bar, the wooden tables and chairs and umbrellas shaped as mushrooms and woven by local basket-makers make this small beach bar unique. When I first saw it, I couldn’t keep away from exclaiming one big “Wow!” I’m pretty sure that I was wowing for a long time.

Kolympithra beach, also known as Mikri & Megali Ammos, has two beaches. Both are extremely beautiful and there aren’t strong winds. They have an amazing environment.

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Surf lessons:

Surf lessons consist of about 80′ of theory and practise (30′ theory, 20′ practise in the water with the surf instructor, 30′ solo). Prices include the use of your surfboard, leash and lycra or wetsuit (depending on the weather conditions).
Our surf instructors and lifeguards hold international qualifications from the B.S.A. (British Surfing Association) and I.S.A. (International Surfing Association).

Surf lessons take place at specific times during the day. These are: 10.30-12.00, 12.00-13.30, 13.30-15.00, 15.00-16.30, 16.30-18.00, 18.00-19.30. You don’t need to book in advance – just show up on the beach and ask for our instructors.


Solo lesson (1 person): € 55
2 people: € 45 per person
3 people or more: € 35 p.p.

Surfboard hire costs:

Softboards: € 10 per hour, € 15 for 2 hours, € 25 per day
Longboards and shortboards: € 15 per hour, € 25 for 2 hours, € 35 per day
Bodyboards and skimboards: € 5 per hour
Canoes, kayaks & pedalos: € 10 per hour
S.U.P.s: € 15 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

>Is there surf everyday? 

As on any surf spot on the planet, not all days are surf days. Waves on our beach are generated by a northern swell, coming down from the north Aegean οr Black Sea. Ιn order for lessons/surfing to take place there have to be north winds of a speed of over 5-6 on the Beaufort scale blowing. You can check out weather/wave forecast sites like Windguru or the Wave Forecast page of the Univ. of Athens.

>How do I reach Tinos and the beach of Kolimbithra?

There is no airport on the island. You can reach it by boat from the ports of Rafina and Piraeus, both ports less than one hour away from central Athens. In the summer months there are frequent journeys taking place everyday. Slower (and cheaper) ferry boat rides take about four hours while faster (and pricier) catamaran-style rides take less than two hours. You can visit travel sites like vivatravel (click hereand check out your travel options, plus buy your tickets online. Alternatively, in the summer season you can fly to nearby Mykonos (only a 30′ boat ride away). Once on Tinos, the beach is a 20′ drive from the port. You will most probably need to rent a car or bike at Vidalis Rent-a-car, or you can call call our surfer/cabie friend Nick on +30694447705 and he’ll get you there. Alternatively, during summer months, there’s a bus you can catch from the port at 12.30 & 16.15 (from 24/7-21/8 also on 19.15.

>What are my accommodation options?

There is a small hotel with a few rooms just a two-minute walk from our beach, Victoria’s Apartments. Lots of other hotels/rooms to let can be found in a 10′-20′ radius from our beach (just check out airbnb). You can also check out Astrokaktos, a few small houses for rent just a 5-10′ drive away at the nearby village of Skalados.

>Can you windsurf/kitesurf?

Yes, but we don’t rent out the equipment!

>Who can surf?

Anyone over 7 years old with good health and a love for the sea! Our surf instructors have international certifications and know how to handle new young surfers and beginners alike.

Services Offered:

> Beach Bar (doing delicious cocktails and coffees)
> Canteen (doing delicious snacks and beverages)
> Surf Shop (selling surf apparel/accessories/surfboards by select surf brands)

Opening Hours:

From 10:00 AM to 21:00 PM and even later if there’s a party goin’ on!



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