Welcome to the BRLO BRWHOUSE: Brewery, Restaurant, Bar, Beergarden, and above all the home of BRLO and the Berlin craft beer movement. We have such an affinity with this city that our roots are apparent in our very name. BRLO is the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin.

With the BRLO BRWHOUSE we created a Craft beer playground , in the heart of Berlin. Here we have not only realised our vision to provide contemporary brewhouse gastronomy, but also a venue which caters to beerculture, the culinary arts, crazy ideas, and one of a kind individuals.

A unique concept deserves a unique venue. It is not only our offering which is one of a kind but also the venue in which it all takes place. The complete structure is composed of 38 up-cycled shipping containers. The modular nature of the structure means it can be quickly disassembled and reconstructed anywhere in the world. As we only have this site for a few short years we will once again be in search of a new home for our BRWHOUSE. This one of a kind concept and structure is the brainchild of world renowned architects GRAFT.

Apart from the structure itself one of the biggest highlights of the project is the location itself. Central, in the heart of Gleisdreieck, with fantastic views of a section of Berlin which is always so full of life.



In our Brwhouse kitchen we are in the pursuit of one goal: We want to elevate the relationship food and beer to a whole new level. We strive to do this from our contemporary Brwhouse kitchen.

This is a vision of head chef and M.D Ben Pommer. The last piece of the BRWHOUSE puzzle. He brings with him years of invaluable experience from the world of fine dining as well as the bustling street food scene. Ben seeks to express himself through each and every ingredient which comes in to his kitchen. With his menu he has, uniquely, cast vegetables in the starring role. Fermented, smoked, dehydrated, smoked or fried: Ben demonstrates with each dish the versatility, complexity, and array of flavour which vegetables are capable of producing, showing us that vegetables need not be relegated to the periphery and are more than capable of holding their own. Meat lovers need not be concerned, we do also offer a beautiful selection of regional meats which are cooked to perfection in our smoker.


Schöneberger Str. 16
10963 Berlijn

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