Turkije . Take it easy, lay back in Fethiye.

Wow, dat uitzicht . wat een gevaarlijk lekkere plek .
wat zeggen ze over zich zelf .
The Olive garden Kabak
Completely in natural beauty, which has panoramic views of the bay Pumpkin Deep Ocean troublesome and stressful life of the city set aside peace, art and sports can experience a holiday intertwined. Sea view 10 wooden bungalows having Deep Ocean, swimming pool, most delicious cocktails you can find a bar, organic farming, gardening, art workshops, playground, mini music studio, buffet and ala carte serving restaurant to guests with a unique holiday experience offers. Paragliding, boat trips, scuba diving activities such as as well as the Deep Ocean within the Art Workshop at your own creativity can reveal, Born in the garden completely organically grown products can taste, Game Area also with various games you can have fun.
Kabak Bay
Kabak Bay, the hubbub of city life, to get away from the image and sound pollution, perfect for those who want to be close to nature offers a resort atmosphere. Both untouched beauty as well as historical features the world’s most exclusive few regions of said Kabak Bay each year, domestic and foreign, hundreds of people visit the ediyor.fethi to starting at Antalya in ending the ancient Lycian Way walk and on the way to stay for those who want an indispensable stopover point. In the valley of the red with white lines along the ancient road, built with stones of the ancient Lycian necropolis thousands of years, hundreds of varieties of butterflies and birds that nest Alader a waterfall and rare animal and plant species able to see. Accommodate diversity in a deep valley, still completely untouched, gray – white sand beach has dominated. Swim in the sea twenty, twenty-five minutes you can reach the cave dive or a spectacular surprise for those who like to explore nature creates. Enthusiasts, with the reflection of the sun shining at the bottom of the cave diving is swimming hole, can come out.
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