Lekker boek

Weg wezen . Hup naar buiten . Verdwaal. Hout hakken . Fikkie stoken . Eten en drinken onder de sterrenhemel.


Wherever you have planted a seed, I am prepared to expect wonders.

Henry David Thoreau

When adventure calls, hunger is never far away: Hiking, climbing, or sleeping beneath the stars makes our stomachs rumble. A quick carbonara with avocado, some rustic hash browns, or a Virgin Mojito will satisfy the appetite and perk up the mood of any hungry camper van driver. The Great Outdoors explains how to cook on an open fire and presents the best outdoor cooking equipment and the most delicious recipes for every meal of the day. From on-the-go sandwiches to self-made pesto, preserved delicacies, or power food–this cook book with a twist is an essential for your next road trip or camping vacation. Take it along and you will be sure to make many new friends on the road and on the campsite.


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