Indonesië .Pulau Weh

Voorafgaande aan onze komende trip naar Indonesië  Google je je zelf gek. Geen punt verders want we hebben er lol in .Deze kwamen net tegen . Wat een toffe plek . OK het ligt een beetje uit de route die we bedacht hadden . Maar geen nood , ik sla um gewoon op voor de volgende keer .


The Iboih Inn at Iboih village is by far one of the most popular accommodation in Weh Island, offering comfortable rooms, majestic views and secluded location. Truly an urban escape sanctuary of peace. The surroundings beauty beauty has inspired the making of a big screen movie and lots of photographers to take beautiful pictures. Our place also has become favourite place for honeymooners

Iboih Inn accomodation nestled in the scenic iboih coral coast of weh island and within the protected forest of Iboih village. It offers a breath taking scenary of rubiah island

The one hectare of land is a haven of tranquil tropical forest meets the ocean. This quite retreat offers safe-clean homey stay with coral reef snorkeling experience at your front door. Iboih village can be reached within 40 minutes taxi ride from Balohan, Weh Island port

Our Camoe Restaurant located by water with view of Indian ocean and Rubiah Island. The restaurant offers both local and western food. Free wifi is available at the restaurant.

A complimentary small fiber boat three minutes ride service between the resort jetty and Iboih village jetty is available upon check-in and check out. Iboih Inn is about 400 meters walk from the parking drop off at Iboih village.





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