Solar BBQ.

OK hij werkt niet voor een “late night snack attack”  . Maar dit is een te gek ding . En op bewolkte dagen gaan we gewoon naar de Döner op de hoek .

Sunny yesterday my life was filled with rain.

Solar BBQ

Solar stove



SolSource Sport is a portable solar stove. It lets you cook delicious food in the great outdoors – with just the power of the sun. The intense heat from SolSource Sport gets your sausages sizzling and coffee piping hot! It works by focusing sun light onto your pan to deliver intense heat with its efficient reflectors. It is easy to use, compact and portable – that means you can take it wherever you go. Better still, SolSource Sport lets you cook your favorite foods without fuel or waste.

Thanks to its unique chef interface, cooking on SolSource Sport is easy and convenient. Quick start – point the cooker to the sun and it heats up 5x faster than charcoal. So you can boil water, pan fry eggs and sausages, make oatmeal and other light meals. You can control the heat by simply adjusting the reflective mirrors.

The advance self-healing polymer maximizes the effectiveness of the reflective mirrors and ensures durability. It is easy to clean too – with soapy water and a soft cloth. It is compact and weighs only 4.5Kg / 10Lb. Assembly or disassembly takes about three minutes.

The SolSource Sport package also includes a convenient carrying bag and a cover to protect your SolSource Sport from the elements.

International Customers
Please note that we only fulfill directly within the USA. For customers outside the United States, we recommend purchasing SolSource Sport through a local retailer or through the One Earth Amazon Store for fast and cost-effective global delivery services. SolSource Sport will be available on Amazon from March 2018 onward.



At One Earth Designs, we recognise there are better, cleaner and more efficient ways to meet our future energy needs. Nature has already given us inspiration in the form of photosynthesis, which turns sunlight efficiently into energy and storing it in organic molecules for later use. With that inspiration, we have developed technologies that are 92% efficient in turning sunlight into energy (heat) directly. Our SolSource brand of solar cookers are the most efficient on the market. We are also developing technologies that can store this energy in organic compounds. The adoption of these technologies can help us transition into the age of sunlight.

We operate a non-profit organisation, One Earth Designs Inc, that focuses on bringing clean energy solutions to the developing world. Find out more at our non-profit website:

SolSource Classic


Solar Stove


SolSource Sport with Carrying Case
SolSource Sport with Carrying Case
SolSource Sport with Carrying Case


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