Paas-ei hangtent.

Spherical Roomoon is a haven that hangs among the trees

Kimberley Mok (@kimberleymok)

Treehouses are great, but tree tents have much to offer too. These temporary arboreal structures are more lightweight, portable and present less of an impact on the trees themselves. Coming out of rural Dorset, England is the Roomoon tree tent, a spherical haven that is hoisted into the trees with the help of a chain.

Seen over at Inhabitat and handcrafted by design and technology graduate Rufus Martin of the Hanging Tent Company, who developed it as part of his final project at Bryanston School, the Roomoon has since become Martin’s full-time business.

The Roomoon’s strong and durable stainless steel frame is held rigid with push pins, and can collapse into an car-sized package for easy transport to wherever you need to camp. The handmade canvas cover protects the inhabitants, but has zippered openings that allow the Roomoon to become a cozy vantage point to watch the landscape.

The Roomoon’s floor is made with lightweight but sturdy pine boards that are attached together in way that permits them to be rolled away, giving access to a small storage space below — a useful feature. The pine boards, when rolled up, becomes a carrying case for the Roomoon frame and accessories.

The structure is supported through a custom-made hoist design that is based on an engineering scheme from the eighteenth century. With a motion similar to lifting window blinds, the hoist design can easily lift up to one ton into the canopy, using three ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (Dyneema) slings.




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