Awesome ! glamping in Texas !



For those seeking a hidden locale to set up camp for an idyllic weekend getaway, Green Acres in Elgin, Texas might be the “glamping” escape you’ve been looking for.

As a family of artists and social entrepreneurs—we understand busy. As we longed for a quiet space to slow down, unplug, and reconnect… we fell in love with this land in Bastrop County just twenty-four miles east of Austin.

Downsizing as a family of four from 18 years of city living, we created a unique homestead on our land called “GREEN ACRES”. The namesake of the old tv show is a constant reminder of how funny it has been to transition from living in the city (including Sunset+Vine in Hollywood a few years back) to life in the country with donkeys, alpacas, and deer.

I am a film director and my wife runs a ethical fashion and lifestyle brand. You can check out: my FILMS as well as RAVEN+LILY to see what we are up to.

We have poured our creativity and passion to live a simple, intentional, and sustainable lifestyle at Green Acres and enjoy offering “glamping” (glamorous camping) to guest. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a family, or just someone wanting to get away and unplug, we think Green Acres is the place to be! We’re certain you’ll enjoy a relaxing stay in the country just thirty minutes outside Austin as much as we do. Welcome!

adress ; thirty minutes east of Austin in Elgin, USa

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