Incredibly tasty Fast food in Berlijn

“Octupus Burger” “goat cheese-walnut burger’  “ the hot “Moses Hell Fire BBQ Burger” met jalapeños .Zomaar twee burgers op de menukaart van The White Trash restaurant.Ik krijg er trek van. Als toetje een punt appeltaart zoals je oma die maakten terwijl op het podium voor je neus een country of new wave band staat the rocken. Als je hierna nog niet murw bent dan kan je altijd nog bij de white trash tattoo studio een  onuitwisbaar souvenir van Berlijn laten zetten.

White Trash Fast Food  

Snackbar · Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick

Adres: Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin, Duitsland

Openingstijden: Vandaag geopend · 17:00–01:00

Telefoon: +49 30 551506587

The White Trash restaurant is in a class of its own. The burger creations are as exotic as the menu sounds. Besides the well-known cheeseburger you can order burgers like the hot “Moses Hell Fire BBQ Burger” with jalapeños or the “Octupus Burger” which has a little kraken between its buns instead of a beef patty. No matter which one you’ll choose – they’re all incredibly tasty and just looking at them will water your mouth.

Every day the patties are freshly pressed with 100% organic beef and the buns baked in a nearby bakery. All burgers are served with French fries and coleslaw. Good for all veggies among us: Each burger creation can be prepared for vegetarians. The portions are very generous, so if you know that you’ll be dining at White Trash you shouldn’t have a snack shortly before going there.

Just as the name suggests the location is quite trashy. Surrounded by many in-clubs like Club der Visionäre and Arena Club can be found directly at the Spree close to Treptower Park. The restaurant snuggles perfectly into the hipster neighborhood. Part of the decoration like skulls and Chinese columns were relocated from the former venue in Prenzlauer Berg (an old Chinese restaurant) and worked into the new concept of the new location. The big open air area is such a plus on warm, sunny days when numerous live gigs are being held at White Trash.

Oh and by the way: The location even has its own tattoo studio.


The White Trash Restaurant in Berlin made a name for itself long ago. At the restaurant, you can enjoy “exotic food just like Mama used to make” which means yummy Burgers with fancy coverings. The restaurant attracts visitors with its fusion of German-Asian-Mexican-French-Swiss burger cuisine. For instance, you can have nachos and home-made guacamole as a starter, a goat cheese-walnut burger as a main and round off the feast with an apple pie like at grandmas. While having home-made food with your friends you can listen to some “devils music” how White Trash calls it. With other words, you can listen to live rock, punk, country and new wave.

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