Bulgarije Omaya eco Village

Bulgarije Omaya eco Village
Bulgarije , even om het geheugen op te frissen .Ingeklemd tussen Roemenie / Servie / Macedonie / Griekenland en Turkije.De hoofdstad heet Sofia .Het strand ligt aan de Zwarte zee. Een ijsje koop je met een handvol lev,s Een een lokaal gebrouwen biertje kost in Sofia 80 cent. Omaya ligt 200 km van Sofia af aan de voet van Pirin national park en naast de Griekse grens. Je kan eten in het restaurant of je zelf gevangen vis bereiden in de keuken van je Hobit huisje. Zwemen kan je in een van de twee meren of in het zwembad, kortom een toffe plek om eens een week te relaxen.

Voor 180 euro retour vlieg je in 2,5 uur al op sofia met Bulgaria air .

Of voor de Die-Hard Avonturiers via Turkije met de slaaptrein ISTANBOEL-SOFIA met Balkan Express , na een week bijgekomen te zijn in Omaya met SOFIA-BOEDAPEST slaaptrein naar Hongarije, van daaruit zien we wel weer wat we gaan doen. Tis maar een idee.


If you are planning on spending your holiday at Omaya, don’t take your laptop or Ipad with you because you won’t find Internet access there. Better forget about everything and simply enjoy yourself.

Omaya is a one-of-a-kind holiday village hidden deep in the forests of the Rhodope Mountains some 19 kilometres away from the town of Gotse Delchev and right next to the Greek border. The signs on the road will take you straight to the mysterious gates of this eco haven which sprawls on an area of 120 acres of land, forest and fishing lakes. The access is, of course, limited, but that’s only done to make sure all the village’s guests will get the rest they deserve in the most pleasant and peaceful atmosphere possible. What you will see inside this complex is so utterly amazing that it can hardly be described in plain words… still let’s give it a try.

There are seven unconventional houses spread all around the village awaiting you. Each one flaunts a unique design and is made of natural materials such as clay, stone and wood. The trick here is that there aren’t any maps or directions providing information about their location, i.e. you have to explore the village and discover them on your own. Once you find your place you will realise that the houses are built so far away from each other that you may not see any of the other guests at all… and this is always an important prerequisite for a relaxing holiday. The inside of your house will impress you just as well. It is equipped with all the amenities a 21st century person needs, including a modern bath, king-size bed next to large windows offering beautiful views of the ancient coniferous and deciduous trees outside and even a TV for those who cannot break away from civilization… no Internet connection, though. But you certainly won’t miss it as Omaya provides heaps of other exciting surprises.

First come the cool, majestic woods of the complex that are perfect for leisurely strolls, herb gathering and picnics and the two lakes where one can spend hours fishing or boat riding. Then there is the luring swimming pool with the comfortable deckchairs and fluffy pillows whose inviting liquid tranquility mixes exquisitely with the songs of the birds and the ancient magnificence of the surrounding forest and evaporates every drop of tension or discomfort. Alternatively, you can simply order a sweet cocktail and hang out in the nearby bar.

Food is also a highlight at Omaya. Just go to the little restaurant at the village’s entrance and tell your kind hosts what you are hungry for. They will transform your desire into a delicious meal which you can enjoy either at your house or in the restaurant

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