Tent-Mat-slaapzak , Zwitserszakmes alleen dan anders.erg tof.

Tent-Mat-slaapzak , Zwitserszakmes alleen dan anders.erg tof.

Insulate the walls and isolate moisture, and a person can sleep in bitter cold anywhere. That’s the theory behind a new product from Swiss start-up Polarmond.

polarmond insulation

The Polarmond provides shelter, cushion, and insulation for a person sleeping outdoors in winter. It rolls the functions of a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad into one insulated, modular pod the company claims can keep you warm to -30C.

It debuted at the OutDoor Show in Germany this summer, where it won an award for design. It comes to market in 2016 at an undetermined price.

While we’ve seen plenty of bivy shelters over the years, this concept is unique in its use of insulation in the walls and waterproof, breathable membranes to isolate insulation from moisture created by the user or weather.

Insulated ‘Sleep Shell’

The product begins with a “sleep shell” that forms a tunnel-shaped inner sleeping room. The space is insulated by a layer of synthetic insulation.

An impermeable inner layer stops moisture from entering the system from the inside, while on the outside, a breathable membrane protects the insulation layer from wind and rain.
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