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The Nomads Bus. Lets Be Nomads
Super ! ik wil mee.Easy hippie , je lekker laten rijden naar mooie plekken hoe luxe is dat.En deze bus is zo mooi ingetimmerd .Wauw! kijk op hun website waar ze allemaal stoppen voor de -incheck enin welke landen. zo leuk.



The Concept

What is it like to stay on the bus?

Three years we’ll be touring around Europe with our hostel on wheels and no matter if you stay a night or a couple of weeks, your experience will be totally different than what you would expect from a regular hostel. You’ll become a part of our family from the moment you set foot on our bus. You’ll be able to experience what our life is like and of how fun living on the road together with other like-minded travellers from all over the world can be. It will feel like a home away from home and not only will we take you to beautiful places and enjoy unforgettable moments together, we’ll also take you on a food journey and hope to inspire you with healthy and delicious food. For us, this project is all about our love for the open road and the adventures it brings, sharing our way of life and connecting with other people. Hope to see you soon!  


  • sheets, down blanket, pillow and towel –
  • breakfast and dinner and some extras are included, all made with local, organic products and a lot of love. Family dinners are important to us.
  • coffee and tea all day
  • fuel costs and parking costs while on the bus, if you prefer staying on a camping instead of a camping car parking you have to chip in a couple of euros.
  • use of gear and entertainment: guitar, Fatboys, Lamzac, slack line, 2 mountain bikes, two surf boards, volleyball, soccer ball, outdoor cinema with our projector, rooftop deck,…
  • adventure on the road: every day is a challenge; from finding the best spot to park to searching for the most beautiful hikes, doing fun outdoor activities and enjoying unexpected events. We basically follow our intuition and go with the flow as much as possible.



  • lunch
  • getting to the bus by public transport
  • you get a glass of wine with dinner and normally everybody buys a few drinks which we all share for the rest of the evening
  • the extra costs of a camping if you want more luxury than what a camping car parking has to offer



If we move the bus to the next location during your stay those fuel costs will be included. However we usually won’t be parked in the middle of a village or city as it’s quite hard to do with a 12m long camping car. We can help you to find a way to get to us or pick you up on the road somewhere if we are driving by your location.


  • We have enough space to storage your luggage but please bring a duffel bag or backpack, not a suitcase.
  • There is a shower, compost toilet and wood stove on board.
  • There is lots of entertainment on board like a projector for outdoor cinema, books, board games, guitar, soccer ball, volleyball, slackline…
  • There are two surf boards and two mountain bikes
  • We also have a rooftop deck, lots of Lamzac the Originals, two Fatboys, Tables, benches and an awning for outside.



  • we only allow kids if you fully book the bus with 4 or 6 people.
  • our daughter is a 1,5 years old and would love to play with them, we also have a dog who loves kids.



We are always interested in working with you for events like weddings, party’s, teamwork, sporting events etc..

13/08/16 – 20/08/16: Spots available
10/09/16 – 17/09/16: Spots available
17/09/16 – 24/09/16: Spots available
24/09/16 – 01/10/16: Spots available
Contact Info
Skype: letsbenomads
Phone: +31 6 32 144 875

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