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Open Nov – April

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planet xancara

The moment you arrive, you stop and take a deep breath… hold it, hold it… and breathe out. What’s in front of you might just be the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

Today I’m going to share with you on of my most precious gems, my second home and favourite place on earth – Planet Xancara. Tucked into the old, sacred, bushman mountains outside of Elandsbay, this place continues to be part of creating some of my most beautiful memories.

I’ve know the owner, Joachim Pollet (better known as Babu) for years and the first time he took us up there, it required quite a wild imagination to be able to visualise what he had in mind for the bunch of rocks surrounding us. It’s been quite the journey seeing Xancara growing into the magical, spiritual and euphoric retreat it has become, and the most incredible thing about it is that Babu and a couple of helpers, created (and every day keep on creating) all of this with their bare hands – in a way where it’s obvious that every little corner has been touched with a bit of care.

Day-time you lounge around in your bikini and flowy satin kimono, enjoying an abundance of delicious drinks, light snacks and literally the best ibiza-vibe-deep-house tunes you can imagine.

By sunset, everything surrounding you is inevitably intoxicating. The two black eagles nesting on top of a tall rock in the distance might fly by and do their little show. The wind might pick up a bit, but just so that the mix of the warm and cold air leaves a tickling sensation on your skin. The colours. The light. Yeah, the light… I think I will let the pictures answer for what the concept of “golden hour” means here.

After enjoying a, without doubt, delicious dinner you’ll will for sure reverse the calorie-intake on the dance floor, probably in a fancy dress-up and surrounded by smiles only. When it gets late and you make up your mind on that final decision of going to bed, you have a selection of comfy glamping-style tents, bali-daybeds or simply just somewhere under the stars. You’ll probably leave Xancara with dirty feet and messy hair, and that’s when you know: pretty much as good as it can get.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of the good times at Xancara so far.

Photocredit: Devin Paisley & Ernst Heusser

– See more at: http://tictown.co.za/hippie-glamping-euforia/#sthash.DVUZaALI.dpuf

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