Tara Rivier de grand canyon van Europa.

Tara Rivier de grand canyon van Europa.

The Tara River runs through Montenegro for a length of 150km before meeting the Piva River. During 60 kilometers, the river winds through the deepest canyon in Europe at (1300 meters), and located in the National Park of Durmitor, this formation helped to promote the park to be designated as an UNESCO world heritage site.

The Tara river flows through limestone gorges. Like the Ardèche or Tarn rivers in France you could say. But we can add that this canyon is the second deepest in the world (1300 meters) and its unique ecosystems permits to be designated as an Unesco world heritage site. This is what pushed us to make Montenegro, a little country in the dinaric alps with the well-known capital [1].

Despite the impressive dimensions of its gorges, the tara river remains quite hospitable for the paddlers. It has few difficulties, with some rapids above class iii [2]. We Started our journey from the little town of Kolasin,a few kilometers from the albanian border, giving us a 120km navigation to the bosnian border; a crossing of Montenegro in a way. text ; http://destination-rivieres.org/…/tara-river-the-grand-can…/



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