Aspros Potamos Griekenland



Aspros Potamos is in a beautiful valley just in fromMakrigialos and the sea, hidden in a fold of the south coast. This valley is lovingly protected by the owner of the original Aspros Potamos houses – you can stay in one and experience Crete in an almost primitive way long forgotten in most areas of the island.

Ultimate simplicity in facilities preserves the calm, spiritual, spirited feel of the place. If having time to your “true self” is what you seek, and throwing off the chains of an ever-modernized  world boasting of more and more “facilities”, seems pleasing, and inspiring – this is truly one of a kind.

Valley views (no sea views!) embrace not only nature, but also any other buildings that may come into view which are completely in keeping – in sympathy – with the area; all stone-built and clad in atmosphere.

Lighting is principally by oil lamp. The tiny houses are furnished with wooden chairs and tables, linen and lace hangs cover the windows, a fireplace with round ceramic chimney (for November to March use). Some rooms are built into the rocks!

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