10 tiny houses op Kreta

The 10 tiny houses are furnished with wooden chairs and tables, linen and lace hangs cover the windows, a fireplace with round ceramic chimney (for November to March use). Some rooms are built into the rocks!

An award-winning solar electricity installation provides the electricity that is used sparingly for “essentials”. Hot water in the shower is gas-heated. Low voltage refrigerators and lamps for the bathrooms, continue this ecologically friendly nest.

Each small house has a rudimentary kitchenette – with basic cooking facilities and gas rings. For all houses, there are no electric sockets in the house but there is a multi-socket adaptor at the reception area. Oil lamps provide the main lighting in the houses, whilst the installed solar photovoltaic system provides electricity to reading lights on top of the double bed, to the bathroom light and to the refrigerators.




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