Oase in Peru

Huacachina is a lake located just five kilometers from the beautiful city of Ica in southern Peru. In the midst of huge sand dunes around the year 1940 was discovered this oasis formed by a central lagoon with warm waters and great diversity in the flora that surrounds it. If the topic that deserts are characterized by a sharp dichotomy was between the hot and dry, unlike the cold and damp marked, these concepts were shelved after the appearance of oasis surrounded by the lagoon of Huacachina in a as ridiculous as it may become a desert.

Characterized by the possession of healing waters, this gap was given by the underground waters that generated the growth of trees such as palms, eucalyptus and huarango. The only animals that exist in this oasis are the fish’s own lagoon and some pets that grew up there due to transport of these by their owners. The few birds that can be observed are those that perform large migrations and live there for a little indefinite.

The mysterious attraction of this site, Huacachina managed to establish itself as one of the most popular tourist spots and exotic Peru. Large hotels were built in the area and took important, but the great cost of travel and stay there representing the distance from the tourism generated. Thanks to government support hotels and houses were built at low cost rentable, which again raised the number of annual visits to Huacachina, the only oasis of America.

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