Tinyhouse in West Virginia

Architect Jeffery Broadhurst built this lovely little shack for his family n a 27-acre mountaintop property in West Virginia. According to Christopher Kieran in Architectural Record, “The convivial occupation of the shack echoes the nature of its construction. Broadhurst’s friends and neighbors helped him assemble it, using products pulled from the shelves of a home-improvement retailer. Simple board-and-batten siding and a standing-seam, terne-coated steel roof sits atop a wood platform supported by four pressure-treated pine posts. Inside the shack, you can see between the floor planks to the ground below. Rodent barriers, like those used to protect local corn cribs, arm the platform’s underside.”

It has all kinds of simple but effective off-grid systems- oil lamps, wood stove, and gravity fed water system using a bilge pump to move water to a tank on the roof.

“The shack is refreshing for its simplicity and accessible do it yourself systems, but don’t mistake it for a glorified clubhouse. Climbing into the house’s one room, you experience a quickening rush as the trim walls seem to expand and West Virginia’s steep slopes become part of the space.” ::Architectural Record and ::Materialicious