Restaurant Urbana 47 , Rome

We headed over to Urbana 47. This cozy restaurant, one of the first in Rome to emphasize locally sourced ingredients, now stays open pretty much all day and offers one of the best ‘real’ breakfasts in the neighborhood. While their ‘Colette’ breakfast focusses on their excellent homemade pastries, all three of us went pure ‘American’ and ordered eggs.

For 10 Euros we had thick slices of toast made from their homemade bread, eggs any way we pleased, freshly pressed juice and coffee served in the prettiest cups ever.

And even though I didn’t get as much work done that day as I had planned, I’m happy to report the world didn’t come to an end. And actually? Having a breakfast out with girlfriends is fun. But you probably already knew that.


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Urbana 47

Via Urbana 47 00184 Rome

Ph. +39 06 4788 4006

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