Central Hotel & Café ,Kopenhagen

Wat een lekkere plek, krijg meteen zin om af te reizen naar Kopenhagen.

Known as ‘the world’s smallest hotel’, Central Hotel & Café first opened in Vesterbro, Copenhagen in 2012. It became a success story quickly after perhaps because it has only one single room, which is above a tiny café. Located on a quiet side street in a residential area, the small building with its top window stands out from afar and the café is a neighborhood favorite. It’s a quaint place serving snacks such as sandwiches and pastries. According to the owner Leif Thingtved, the concept is based on ‘hygge’, which means cozy in Danish.  tekst : http://www.ignant.de/




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Tullinsgade 1, 1618 Copenhagen
Mon–Fri 08–18h / Sat 10-17h / Sun 10-16h

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