Restaurant Chartier, Parijs.

Bij een bezoek aan Parijs hoort bij ons automatisch uit eten in Chartier. Het restaurant komt uit 1896 en de style is  fin de siècle . Opgepoetst koper, marmer en obers in zwart en wit rennen af en aan. Het eten is niet bijzonder, maar wel goedkoop en de sfeer onbetaalbaar. De bestellingen worden op je papieren tafelkleed geschreven. Kom Nederlands vroeg en je loopt zo naar binnen, iets later en er staat een rij. Doe niet kinderachtig, vier de avond op zijn Frans klinkt het nog veel beter  ”joie de vivre” en bestel een fles champagne.


The restaurant does not take reservations.
We are open every day from 11:30 to midnight without interruption.


7 rue du Fauboug Montmartre | 75009 Paris
Métro : Grands Boulevards L8 L9 | Bus : L 74, 48
Tél : 01 47 70 86 29 | Fax : 01 48 24 14 68


A restaurant doesn’t become a legend by accident, and it certainly can’t stay that way by resting on its laurels.

Chartier is over 100 years old and still in the very prime of life. The restaurant is dear to native Parisians, which might help explain why it is just as beloved by tourists from the world over.

In 1896, the Bouillon Chartier was born out of a very simple concept – provide a decent meal at a reasonable price and give customers good service in order to earn their loyalty. 50 million meals, and only four owners later, the recipe is still every bit as much a success.

This place has known and been touched by all those, the many famous and anonymous faces, who have dined there, on romantic dates, as a family or with friends. It has developed more than a personality; they have given it a soul.

Enter the large, legendary, historically listed dining room. Have a seat at a table and take the time to admire the famous sideboards where regulars kept their own, personal napkins and the painting by Germont, who gave it to the establishment as payment for his debt there.

Watch the elegant to and fro of servers dressed in black vests and white aprons, unmatched for their efficiency. And then get ready to delight your taste buds!

The dishes are traditional but with a wide range of choices at frankly unbeatable prices.
Enjoy leeks vinaigrette, hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise, vegetable soup or snails for starters; meat, fish or stews simmered to perfection come next. The menu is a long one, the meals are authentic and the mains are around €10.

You can be sure that what you’re getting is quality, too as their suppliers are consistent and always among the best.

For dessert, treat yourself to the famous home-made Chantilly cream; you won’t find it anywhere else.

In fact, no matter what you’re seeking at Chartier, you probably won’t find it anywhere else… because there’s only one Paris, only one 9th arrondissement and only one Bouillon Chartier.

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