Het Canvas Hotel Noorwegen

Tjezuss wat een TOFFE plek, als je me nodig heb, ik lig in bad op een steiger in Noorwegen.


Canvas Hotel is located in Telemark County in Southern Norway. It is placed on an island in a small lake, 460 meters above sea level. The surrounding hills go as high as 800 meters. There are seven yurts with two beds in each, and two with four beds. There is a sauna yurt, a shower area, a drying tent and where all the meals are served. Two outdoor comfort stations are located several meters away from the camp. Each morning someone will help you get the fire going in the stove and hot washing water can also be brought to the yurt. There are two toilets and shower units in the hotel. With a focus on leaving as little impact on the terrain as possible, 70% of the trails are on solid granite. There are several optional routes to and from camp by mountain bike, and the wide open granite slopes will offer both challenges and easier ways to your wish. There is one trail guide per 5-7 guests, when returning from trips, the sauna is warm, and the tubs are hot and portable so they can be placed anywhere you like, such as the platform suspended above the lake. To cool off, one can go for a swim in the lake.

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